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Freshly baked Rusks, Cakes & Biscuits are all what you'll get at our store! 

About Us

Debunking the notion that all companies are in business to earn singularly earn profits by hook or crook, N. R. Foods has stepped in the industry in the year 2009. We despise the idea benefiting self, overlooking happiness of people associated with us. To increase sales of our produced Bakery Products, we do not resort to cheap tactics of adulteration. As a manufacturer, we supply the best in taste and health Bakery Cakes, Atta Biscuits, Rusks and much more which are free from the use of taste and color enhancing chemicals. We are the perfectionist in baking aforementioned foods and these are processed by us hygienically, taking into use quality-assured ingredients.

Heaven Like Taste in Our Foods Which Are Baked

Would any of us eat foods which are not tasty enough to provide the delicious taste to the buds? No, not beside the case when we aren't perfectly fine and have to eat on doctor's advice a full plate of tasteless 'Khichdi'. Tasty Food is loved and consumed by all. To make people have heaven's like taste in Bakery Foods such as Whole Wheat Biscuits, Cakes & Rusks, our company is working too hard as a baker. Below mentioned points will let our customers know the hard work we put to bring forth quality-assured Bakery Products:
  • To Make the Best, We Use the Best- Tested ingredients such as eggs, honey, flour, nuts, butter and many other ingredients which finds use in bakery products, are used by us in right amounts which not just give perfect flavours but also the right look to the foods.
  • Safe to Eat- Our Bakery Products are quality-marked. These are safer to consume and do not contain the presence of any flavor enhancing chemicals.
  • Delivering Sweetness in Fine Packages- We use finest packaging materials for safely deliver bakery items without spoilage.
Making for You 'Chai' Partners

Drinking a cup of tea alone, we mean not accompanied by a plate full of authentic in taste biscuits and the slice of cakes is like not enjoying 'Tea Time' of the hour perfectly. Those who are in a habit of doing this must stop it immediately because sipping tea alone beside being ignoring the pleasure of enjoying tea time causes harmful effect on health that is obesity. 

Drinking cup of tea alone physically without a human companion is still okay but without essential to have 'Bakery Items' such as Biscuits, Cakes, Rusks, is not at all fine! To make people have healthy and tasty bakery foods which perfectly fits the role of their 'Tea Partners', our company is baking sweetness in the form of Bakery Cakes, Whole Wheat Biscuits, Atta Biscuits and more.